Amelia Daubermann works in a style that she considers to be an illustrative realism, and prefers working in the finest detail possible. Her most recent work deals with themes pertaining to the Jungian concept of the shadow-self, developing a familiarity in exploring the unconscious and subconscious parts of her human experience, imbued through personal symbolism. She enjoys seeing and making art that comes from an honest and personal place, and believes that art should be an organic and intuitive process where the artist-both consciously and unconsciously- pours a part of their inner narrative into each work.

As a young artist, she confides that she considers herself to be in a state of constant development and experimentation with her art and subject matter. What she most aspires to; is to truly reach into the depths of her personal being, and unravel a much deeper and otherwise inexpressible part of herself through her art.


As an Augury