Andrew Munnik

My approach to creating work would appear to be set theoretically within a global political perspective. Thus the works are visual attempts to come to terms with the realities of states of violence, particularly in the context of migration, statelessness and ethnicity.

The massive movement of people across the globe has a sense of a “Living Tsunami” for me as millions move north, south, east and west. This has resulted paradoxically in an initial outpouring of sympathy, but has in many places culminated in anger. The loss of, not only possessions and homes but more significantly identity, is almost total.

Since I do not experience these “tragedies” personally I can only reflect on it as a member of the human race and as a visual artist through the making of artworks. (The fact that after nearly 75 years of being human I find myself already disappointed in the 21st century is rather disillusioning)

The level of the above events is global and since it makes “no sense” to me I seem to respond with content, method and manner that exploit the ABSURD, THE INCOMPREHENSIOBLE ,THE SCALE AND ULTIMATELY THE TRAGEDY to convey the thoughts.