Anna Liebenberg

Workshops: Diane Victor, Carl Jeppe, Celia de Villiers, Prof Elfriede Dreyer, Minette Zaaiman, Lian Quan Zhen and Willie Jacobs

Group Exhibitions: Art Lovers 1932, Tina Skukan, Trent Gallery and Pretoria Art Association

Solo Exhibitions: Art Lovers 1932 and Rotary Art Festival Hyde Park

I live in my art, through my art. It is an illustration of the inner journey, conflicts and ongoing search for answers surrounding the person, the experiences and the purpose of LIFE. Questioning both failures and successes- summarized as “Life Lessons”. Conquering obstacles and fears and growing in the process to become more whole as a person and as an artist, becoming a channel of Light. Art is a journey of growth, learning and is as much about finding the way, the medium, the style, the manner as it is about finding the person.

Although I love the subtle nuances derived from ink washes and the depth and contrast created with charcoal, I also love colour. Fresh clean colours, not muddy, murky washes, my watercolours therefore are bold, bright and refreshing. Composition and form are usually dictated by the underlying concept I wish to convey to the viewer.
Since Childhood I have been in awe of the wonder of nature and creation, loathing the disrespect humanity is capable of displaying. In my art however, people are my favourite subject matter, further displaying personal inner conflict, displaying my own emotions in the expression of the models.

Leather Lace

Haute Couture

Challenges of the Collective Interactive


Stumbling the Block