Annelie Dillman is a passionate photographer who has a broad base of experience across many styles, of which fine-art portrait photography definitely ranks as her first love.

Since excelling at School of Photography, Annelie has continued to set the bar high throughout her career. After graduating in 2000, she began working as videographer (camera operator and/or creative director) on countless incredible adventures across Africa and abroad. Her projects included accompanying national sports teams to major international games, covering adventure races, CSI initiatives, documentaries and corporate events.

In 2010 she began concentrating on still photography, and it wasn’t long before she hung up the video camera straps for good. Today she runs two successful studios in Hartbeespoort, that serve the corporate environment in the week, and the private or leisure sector on weekends.

Although photography is the way that Annelie earns a living, it has become such a big passion in her life, that even on her days off, she will day-dream about new ways to tell a story using her lens. She is constantly exploring possibilities of capturing not only the external vibrancy of a person but also mirroring their internal soul and personality.