Brindley Pritchard


Being born into a home of a sculptor father, an artist life was normal to me. An early fascination with line and form had me spending most of my free time sketching as a pre–teen. That ultimately had my father sending me to Pro Arte art school in Pretoria. This is what gave me a solid grounding in painting and drawing from the age of 14. 


In 1991 I got my national diploma for graphic design at the Technicon, Pretoria. Soon afterwards I found out I was not really a graphic designer...




So I wasn’t a fabulous graphic designer. What was I then? A musician? If you are playing harmonica almost every night of the week, learning the saxophone by day and also being a radio DJ, all this in-between painting, you have to ask these questions. This was indeed a pivotal time in my career... Yes, I did almost become a musician… but I realised that a musician’s lifestyle is not what I wanted, painting was my biggest passion, and the new fashion of mural art that hit Pretoria like a wave was just what the Doctor ordered. It proved to be the perfect launching pad for my painting career.


Painting murals gives an artist lots of scope to learn various styles fast. Mine was still leaning towards realism, so set painting and portraits studies were the logical next step. I spent some time working abroad and commissioned portraits kept me very busy. But my subject matter of choice at this time was mostly mood paintings, depicting female figures in various different interiors. 


I started exhibiting my works in fine art galleries in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Group exhibitions followed.


The life of an artist is fluid and ever changing, and teaching art was the next fascinating aspect added. Still living in Pretoria, I enjoyed teaching immensely and was delighted to watch people grow in their own talent.  After about 10 years of selling work in various high quality galleries I Gauteng, I was elated when an opportunity came up for me to move the a little seaside village called Rooi Els in the Western Cape, close to Cape town. That happened in May 2007. I began exhibiting in the Cape Town area in various galleries.


Roughly a year later, one evening all by myself in the quiet of my studio, without any prior influence of people, I was posed with an invitation; the Lord Jesus Christ made a call for me to follow Him… and I said yes. This was, of course, the biggest turning point in my life, ever. It turned my whole bohemian lifestyle on its ear, and profoundly reshaped my creative direction for good! A Five year period of metamorphosis followed. During this incredible time of renewal, once again a life changing event occurred in my life. I reconnected with a cherished old friend from student years, and by the end of 2012 Janine and I found ourselves happily married!


Living in Betty’s Bay with a close view over the water, the ocean naturally became my subject of painting. It was a difficult subject to work with, but I loved it. I still absolutely loved teaching as well, and my art-classes in Somerset West and Betty’s Bay grew steadily. 


A simple request from a church I attended led me to research the ‘The Last Supper” painting. That spurred my attention into doing a formal new version of my own. The spiritual aspect of the work opened up a whole new world to me, too difficult to explain. I prefer painting it! Three years and a whole lot of Biblically inspired works later I am more inspired than ever before. If I cannot be authentic to my creative vision, I surely would not pick up a brush. 


I am excited to announce that I am currently working on my first solo exhibition; 
“The Word became flesh”, that will be open in Stellenbosch on the first of September 2017, at the Boomhuis gallery. Through this solo exhibition, I am depicting some aspects of the uniqueness and relevance of the Word of God through its prophetic fulfilments.


I am already working on ideas for the next exhibition after that, and am continuously painting the sea and the landscapes of this beautiful world, as well as portrait commissions.