Christine Viljoen

Christine Viljoen (now Gouws) was born and bred in Pretoria since 30 October 1990. She grew up in a loving and artistic family - and received her artistic talents from her mother. She is a Speech-Language Therapist by day, and a palette-knife painting artist by night. She graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2012, and started her Speech Language Therapy career at a Rehabilitation Hospital for patients who sustained brain injuries and/or strokes, as well as spinal injuries. She has a passion for neurology and enjoys working with patients who sustained any type of neurological damage such as traumatic brain injuries and / or strokes. She also completed an intensive post graduate course in 2016, specializing in Neurodevelopmental Therapy. She is now an NDT qualified therapist, providing speech therapy to children who have neurological and / or motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy.

She currently works at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, focusing on acute patients in Intensive Care Units, as well as in Paediatric Neurology.

She started painting in 2013, as a means to enjoy her extra time after completing her studies, and she recently discovered her passion for palette-knife art, focusing on painting only with palette-knives and oil paint. She was surprised by how positive people reacted towards her art, and she branded her art as #CVArt (Christine Viljoen Art). She has sold more than 90% of her paintings up to date, and she thrives on the fact that people enjoy and appreciate her passion for creativity. Her hobbies have also expanded now to pottery, and to being a wife to her husband, Dewald.