Danielle Oosthuizen (b. 1996) is presently busy completing her honors degree in BA Fine Art at the University of Pretoria. She is part of the Golden Key Association, awarded for top achiever in her field of study. She has participated in group exhibitions at the Anton van Wouw house, Association of Arts, Trent gallery and Artlovers gallery. Her works has also been showcased as part of the Tami Mnyele contemporary fine arts competition.

Oosthuizen’s works become united by a focus on the merit of memory of the seemingly discarded and often seen as useless aspects within contemporary society, tracing the presences of that which most of us would overlook.

Her subject matter is not content with representing that which is already present, but rather interprets and appropriates from whatever is available to make the viewer aware of habitually unseen and hidden aspects in our day-to-day lives. Her works allow for the viewer to make sense of the world by interpreting hidden facets within its depictions as she portrays them. Instead of staying outside as a spectator, she becomes an interrogator of ignored spaces and presences by creating complex narratives relating to contemporary South African contexts.