Elmarie Koster is an Artist from Kleinzee in the Northern Cape.


As a young girl I developed a love for nature and being outside exploring. Collecting things like stones, sticks, leaves and visually placing them together in a range of beautiful colours gave me lots of joy. I then realised who the creator of colour is and my passion for art exploded and I knew I wanted to paint. We sometimes end up in a life we did not envision or choose, but due to circumstances we are forced into other directions and we keep ourselves busy with things that don’t bring us joy or happiness and we get stuck between a rock and a hard place. I realised that Faith without action is dead and a decision was made.


It took me 23 years to have the courage to follow my dream. I am truly inspired by our Creator’s creation and the beauty that colour brings. I paint my own reality as the silence of words come alive in my heart and this is reflected on my canvas.


My art is an act of faith and worship to my heavenly Father. There are so many colours in nature and but one creature that can adopt them all, this gave me the inspiration for my range “The Panther Chameleon” in pointillism.