This book was specially created for Ingo-Luken by Eunice Pieterse.


I spent some time thinking and conceptualising this book. My main inspiration came from the Koster family and their strength. Wanting to create something special for them. They will always be an inspiration.


I am currently in my third year, studying BA Audio-Visual Studies and majoring in Motion Design. Exposed to art and music from a very young age, from both sides of the family, I grew up always busy with something creative. I attended art classes for as long as I can remember and entered various art competitions over the years.


I find inspiration all around, from friends, family, nature, experiences and mostly just day dreaming. I have worked with all mediums including; acrylic, oil, water paint, charcoal, mixed mediums, sculpting clay, wire sculptures, photography, collage and pencil. I have always explored different themes and subjects, without knowing where it will lead me.


Going to collage and learning how to fuse previous knowledge with technology I am now able to take my work even further. As a result I’m studying what I love. Audio-Visual studies means that I work with film, motion, special effects, sound, animation and 3D.