Francois BreytenbachFrancois’s creative career started 35 years ago when he pulled out of the rat race where he was employed in the metallurgical and automotive field. He initially did art in stained glass but soon found his way into metals.

He is better known for his functional art which ranges from bronze jewellery and tableware to steel and wrought iron dragon stoves and weather cocks as well as wood and steel furniture. He also builds sports cars in fibre composites. A lot of the materials and techniques which he uses in this field are applied to his sculptures. He is a firm supporter of the idea that art must keep up with technology.

For the last 25 years he has been traveling all over South Africa to exhibit at all the national arts festivals and has also had some expos in the UK.
Through the many years of working with bronze he has mastered a technique which is very unique and that is to sculpture with the metal in the molten form. Some of his work on exhibit here was done in this way.