Hannah Kempe was born in 1996 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. She moved to Johannesburg soon after in 1999, where she currently lives. Hannah is obtaining her fourth year Bachelors in Fine Arts at The University of Pretoria, practicing in a wide range of mediums. She was a finalist at the 2017 PPC Imaginarium along with Best under 25 winner at the Artlovers technical skill competition in 2016. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Johannesburg and Pretoria over the last 4 years at Artitis, TurbineArtFair 2017, Anton van Wouw, Artlovers, Tent Gallery, Fried Contemporary and Johann van Heerdens Art Gallery.

Her art often deals in themes of human nature, and human interactions with the natural world. She is interested in depicting the exploration of collective human consciousness, narratives and interpretation of sensory experience. Her interest in mark making originated in her interest in print and various print techniques. The process of making is indicative to the development of her subject matter.