Hennie Koster

I have moved now from individual trees into the “forest”, into the collective, seeing the dark side in it and perceived it as a “magnet” into chaos, into that which is not understandable and where I do not want to be. Some of my trees are still “naked” with exposed roots. Human nakedness, as a fear of losing or letting go, becoming vulnerable. I transpose this idea to the trees as becoming open or vulnerable just as in the case of humans. So I put my foot into the unknown forest, first steps were light and on the edge of the forest. I was guided by my intuition also contending with something I do not fully understand.

There are two very important trees written about in many ancient stories, The Tree of Life and The tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Both of utmost importance to humankind. Maybe I am affected by this longing back to the freedom that those trees stood for. We all live and act out our own beliefs, sometimes not even understanding what it really means. It might even be a tragedy and you do not want it to be that. I feel that truth is the highest value and it should be enfolded in love so that it can serve the Highest Purpose and Good imaginable.

I am still seriously trying to identify my “myth”. Maybe I want to be a tree!
Do you want to be what you are or do you want to be what continually changes what you are?
That is my challenge to the viewer in all my artwork.
In my latest paintings, groups of trees represent that society and my own footsteps are there and all the while I am aware of light and the end of the path. It’s a light that calls us all to “Itself”.

I want you as the viewer also to experience my own approach to the process of putting an abstract idea visually on canvas, how my idea evolved from the one to the next and eventually filled me with enough courage to put it on canvas as my own journey.