Lindsey Jaehne


My field of expertise lies in encouraging creative thinking and developing problem solving skills through the vehicle of art. I have developed a number of Art workshops and artistic exercises that promote free thinking and creativity. In addition I continue to pursue my own artistic endeavours as an artist. The principles of design and elements of art are my visual language through which I create and express myself. My intention is to capture a visual analogy of the world I experience. Nature is a vehicle through which I express a deeper insight and a spiritual truth.


The process begins as I lay down a foundation of line or brush mark and texture in a playful manner – I then apply a skin of colour or paint, moving it freely without control or prescribed thought…across the paper or canvass. Skill lies in drawing out the insight from images that happen and appear through a process of play.


I “see” with a deeper “sight” than my eyes ever provide. That is the secret of making art – simply show the truth of what you perceive… from within yourself.