Her photojournalistic style has the ability to capture subtle relational moments, with her subject matter often depicting traditional culture within a consumerist-influenced modern world.

Madeleen Munting was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1984. She completed her studies in Visual Communication Design at The Open Window School of Visual Communication, in Pretoria, 2010, achieving top marks in Design and Photography.

Now residing in the Western Cape, Madeleen is widely recognised for her professional design and photographic works. As the Founder and Creative Director/Lone Principal of Abundance Designs, she offers both graphic design and photographic services to her clients. In addition to her commercial work, since starting her career in 2011, her photographs have been published in Lighten Up, a lifestyle programme and DEKAT Magazine. She has also produced a number of photographic exhibitions, most notably the Photo Exhibition she produced with her husband Matthew Munting at the Imago Visual, titled “A Place Less Travelled”. The exhibition showcased a series of 22 photographs depicting the colourful Tibetan culture.

She is not only a professional, but also a passionate, driven photographer.  Someone inspired and captivated by the world she inhabits with its relational richness and diversity in cultures. Her photography style can best be described as photojournalistic. Apart from her ability to capture subtle relational moments, her subject matter often depicts traditional culture within a modern world, influenced by consumerism. She also expresses her love for nature through illustration using mixed media.

“I love and appreciate art in all its forms. I am passionate about photography and the way it preserves a moment long after it’s been forgotten. I am fascinated by this colourful world we live in and enjoy visiting parts of the world less traveled.”