Mariaan Kotze

I received my art diploma from the Free State Technicon in 1990, majoring in sculpture. After my studies I were always in some or other way engaged with art.


I have been balancing the act of being an artist and a mom of three beautiful daughters.I am full-time artist since 2002, however it is only in recent years that I struck out in a fresh direction; moving beyond my usual boundaries.


Stories and elements of inspiration accumulated in me over years. These stories are impatiently waiting to be conveyed into art pieces; bit by bit, as they emerge into narratives covering canvases and even spilling over onto and into other functional objects.


I urge to explore and experiment; I delve deep inside while I create. I escape into a zone I only get to enter while working, unravelling stories, bursting out of my subconscious. I can relate to the theory that people have a collective memory, symbols emerging out of that memory, a memory going further back than my own conscious. And so my art found its’ way to boardrooms, waiting rooms and private and corporate collections across the world.