Mercia van Wyk obtained her BA Fine Arts degree and subsequently a higher education diploma. In 1989 she won the New Signatures Award for Drawing. Her career was varied and took her in a different direction. She worked full-time at the Pretoria Art Museum as Curator and educational officer and was full-time Senior curator and gallery manager at the University of Pretoria after which she worked as Arts and cultural programmer for the Czech Republic Embassy and finally for 11 years at the Netherlands Embassy.


After retiring she became an independent arts project manager. She sometimes partnered with festivals as well as with friends to set up structures to promote arts education including a collaboration towards the founding of an exciting animation learning programme entitled VUVUMATION.


Recently she took up her brushes to dabble with paint in an effort to re-connect with the actual processes of artmaking and experimenting with paint. Although she has a preference for traditional materials such as oils, she is not too fussed with the representation of nature but it is the exploration of mark-making which prevails, marks inspired by textures found in nature such as sea coral, rain, the trunk of a tree, etc. “Tree in the rain – an exterior” and “Coral and Bowl - an interior” are examples of such musings.