Michelle Smith is the mom of Tahlia-Nia Smith, a very special little girl like Ingo-Luken. She is not only a painter but also a brilliant ceramic artist.


Michelle lives in Pretoria East and acquired a formal qualification in Fine Arts in 1995. She previously did stunt work in the film industry and competed as a bodybuilder. She later opened a successful real-estate agency and was a devoted businesswoman in an internet-based enterprise.


Her oil paintings and ceramics became an expression of her love for art rather than a need to tranform in into a business. Her keen sense of humour shows up in her artwork and may take the obsever to the park and back.


She now focuses on her biggest project yet, namely helping her profoundly brain-injured daughter to grow and develop to her fullest potential. She believes that if she had any spare time left in this lifetime, she would spend it on painting and creating.


Meanwhile, she aspires to live in a constantly growing realtionship with her loving King and Saviour and focuses on ensuring that her daily activities honour Him.