Michelle Ferreira is a 30-year-old South African artist, based in Pretoria.


Growing up on a farm in the Northern Cape Province, education opportunities in the arts during her school years was not only limited there was none! Nevertheless, fine art played a profound role growing up. In her own words:
“I always managed to find something to draw with; even if it came down to an old piece of wood and a soldering iron... ”

After studying Civil Engineering and working in the corporate industry for a few years, God called her back to His original intent. Greatly influenced by the love of Jesus Christ, each piece now signifies her relationship with him and their intimate conversations.

“My work is putting my spiritual enjoyment and satisfaction in our maker on canvas. Most of the time I find that whatever God is speaking into my heart, He wants to speak into the lives of many people viewing my artworks.”

Using oil paint, charcoal and strong contrasts in both texture and theme, the aim is to unapologetically confront the viewer with more than soul or flesh. Provoking reaction not easily explained.