Naison Mashinya is an African contemporary mixed medium artist.


Based in South Africa, Naison Mashinya is a contemporary artist whose work is inspired by his life experiences. He trained as an Art Teacher, where he got his deep understanding of the theory of classic and contemporary art. His work is versatile spanning a number of mediums. He is comfortable painting natural landscapes, animals in nature as well as doing abstract work. He is quite at home doing sculptures and a variety of functional artistic modern day home accessories like lamp shades etc. His imagination is boundless.


His art is a window into his soul. He is inspired by everyday experiences which, through his artistic vision, are transformed into majestic pieces that give you, the viewer, a unique perspective of that which you take for granted. His abstract art allows you to use your own imagination to appreciate the beauty of colours arranged in a way allows you to draw on your own artistic inspirations to make meaning of the complexities of everyday things.


You are able to see beauty from different perspectives and his art draws out the artist in you. Naison paints from the heart, using colours in ways that allow you to appreciate the beauty of the world. Nature’s every day ordinary colours are vividly seen in his work through bold strokes. He mixes landscapes with beautiful orange sunsets, bountiful animals roaming in nature and abstract arrangements of colours that takes your breath away.


Looking at his work you are left with a feeling that you are amongst the chosen few who are privileged to bask in the beauty of his work. He paints on stretched canvas, palm tree bark, bamboo, wooden flat board panels and anything and everything that can be used as a surface to capture the beauty of his inspiration. After experiencing his work, you are glad to be alive. Your interpretation of his work allows you to see different things in the same piece every single day. You are transformed to become part of the art and you keep on coming back to bask in the beauty that is his art.