Nita Terblanche was born in Pretoria. Growing up in her mother’s art studio had an immense influence on her love for art and visual expression. She completed a B.A. degree in Visual Studies at the University of Pretoria, after which she acquired a diploma in Macromedia Art to further pursue Graphic Design, which has been her main interest since 2005.


Since 2007 she has been teaching Design and Fine Arts at various high schools, where the students are her greatest inspiration. In 2010 she held a solo art exhibition in Cullinan and in 2011 she curated a joint art exhibition with 7 other artists. Nita is currently running a Graphic Design business after 4 years of designing in a corporate environment.


In her “Shoe” series, the theme was mainly built around the fascination that a person’s shoes might be the tell-all element of their entire demeanour. She found this idea to be both intriguing and disconcerting at the same time, leaving much to the imagination. She finds emotion and the human condition fascinating. Her main medium is oil and her latest work has evolved into a loose, semi-realistic style to create drama and mystery with chiaroscuro and various textures.


For A Beautiful Mind, she has collaborated with children ages 4-7 to portray the workings of a child’s mind and their unprejudiced view of the world in creating their own fantasy environment.