Solly Smook is a contemporary expressionist painter that explores concepts relating to the uniqueness of emotion and the importance of it in our spiritual lives – his process in creating art attempts to re-consider the conventions of portrait painting through a continued pursuit toward the more contemporary.


The goal is to create paintings that engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible, quite often consciously and reflexively questioning the nature of spiritual identity as something deconstructed, created, and tangible.


His artwork was auctioned at the Foundling Museum in London for Foodbank Africa. As a member of Mirca (artist against oppression), Solly took part in the group exhibition at The Rainbow Experience at Mandela Rhodes, where proceeds from sales went to Amnesty International.


With 50 very successful group and solo exhibitions, his art found it’s way to various private collections all over the world.

Sonvanger - 50cm x 60cm

Constructing Inanna - 80cm x 80cm

Mami Wata - 50cm x 60cm


Seating Anna - 50cm x 60cm