Tiaan Alberts


Art has always been part of my life. As a youngster I was always drawing. I had ambitions of moving into graphic design but ended up qualifying and working as an interior designer. Painting, however, was a constant companion. I love to capture light and mood... that special time when you breathe deeply.


Subject matter was an early issue for me. I wanted to make profound statements through art and this led to a lot of hesitation and tension within myself with brush in hand. I moved to subject matter that brings me joy and that I can relate to. Usually wonderfully ordinary places that I experienced. I love the simplicity and warmth locked up in a tiny worker's home surrounded by nature... the road less traveled. I probably not so secretly have a deep desire for a simple life lived close to nature's gifts.


I was fortunate enough to receive guidance from other established artists at a time when it made a huge impact on the way that I approached my art. I am driven by an unseen force to paint, to recreate my experiences and to share it. There is very little motivation needed, I have to do it like I have to breathe.