Ulricke Lourens Nelson, born in Pretoria, 1980, completed her MA Fine Arts Degree Waisttraining, performance art and identity in 2006 at University of Pretoria. Ulricke’s interests are in social studies and recently the biology of emotions and feelings with the human body still as the core subject matter. 

In her MA Fine Arts she specialized in multimedia and video work exploring the boundaries of the body through waist training and documenting this 9 month process. The final work showed the marks that was left on the body and made commentaries on the way that society and culture leaves mark on the body and expects, especially the female body to submit to the prescribe notions of beauty. Lourens has explored different mediums and techniques and uses the concept as the guide for her art making including stop frame painting. This technique comprises stills of the painting in process and then edits them together to produce an animation or moving painting. Works like these include, Reflect refuel and Fabrication.

A common theme explored by the artist is the link between the body, our biology and sociology. Within this context, symbols like cells, neurons, roadmaps and, skin becomes the iconography that she uses to communicate with. The skin becomes a landscape filled with roadmaps. The body or more specifically the skin is a symbolic narrative which covers the uncompromising and unapologetic rawness underneath. Not only is the skin the largest organ of the body, but it is the primal attire for our corporeality.

The work tries to capture the intimate connection between the neural circuitry in the body and the way that feelings are first felt through the skin then turned into emotions which miraculously turn into consciousness through the web of nerves, bones, muscles, sinews, energy in an endless loop.

Ulricke is able to work in a variety of mediums and themes in both hand and digital executions. She does Portraits and Illustrations on commission and her illustration work includes editorial and books, specializing in children book illustration. Some exhibitions included More & More, Gordon Froud curated collection at FADA Gallery and the Altered Pieces, an exhibition based on Leonard Cohen that travelled nationally.