Vera Lubbe was born in Pretoria in 1977, and grew up in the bushveld of Limpopo. She studied Architecture at the University of Pretoria. After completing her degree, she decided to study accounting and to keep her creative side to after-hours practice, constantly swaying between these two worlds.


Vera uses her painting as creative outlet. This freedom to create is resonated in all her pieces. Vera works predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting on canvas, using bright and bold colours and then completing the artwork with crayon, ink, pen and pencil drawings, glue, photographs, tabloid media – really anything she wants to and feels like at the time. Some pieces are filled with puzzle pieces and magazine quotes. Pieces are not planned nor does she know what the piece will end up being by the time it is finished. Most works are finished within a short time frame and reflects her state of mind at that time.


Publically displaying her pieces is a first and putting her creativity out for criticism is a bit daunting. But this time is different... It has the additional benefit of helping a very courageous boy. Ingo is every minute of every day making tremendous efforts to be part of and participate in this beautiful world and through this he has given her the push to put just herself out to the world.